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            Smart Balance Wheel (Hover Board) Charging Tips

            (Proper Changing and Maintenance will maintain your battery life)

            • Before charging, the power switch at the host must be in a closed status. Green light means full power, yellow light means remain 50% electricity consumption, red light means remain 20% electricity, need charge timely. (Some models Do not support yellow light and light will change from green to red, or blinking green and then red).
            • When charging, first connect the plug (the charger status led is green) and then connect the power plug for charging.
            • During charging, when the light is red means it is in charge, when the light is red and green means it is close to beating, when the light is green means the charge is complete.
            • When the charging is complete, disconnect the charge plug to prevent N1 battery is in charging status for a long time.
            • Storage: Please store in a dry location. For non-regular user, recharge the battery every two months to maintain the battery life.
            Updated: 05 Jan 2016 02:32 PM
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