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            What type of battery does my Smart Board have?

            All boards in the market are currently packed with Lithium-Ion batteries.  For our Lithium-Ion batteries, we use a 3.7 volt cell type. This meaning that there are a few cells packed together into this battery that all are a certain type.  The batteries also have a certain voltage. Our batteries are 36 voltage batteries. This meaning that there is a capacity of 36 volts, inside the battery to power your Smart Board.

            There a three main popular manufacturing sources for battery cells, Samsung, LG and China. Then Local China Battery manufacturers use these cells to combine and make a Battery Pack that you see inside your devices. Some manufacturers do not use original Samsung and LG cells and sells fake Samsung and LG batteries with low quality or incompatible battery controller board, which is worse than a good quality China battery.  Therefore, at the moment we recommend China “A” grade batteries over others due to their good reliability. In some cases we use LG and Samsung cells if we have traceability to ensure original cells. 

            Updated: 11 Feb 2016 01:12 AM
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